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If there are rooms or other resources that can be booked, these can be created using the "Rooms" link Image:Iroom.png.

Creating a Room

Click on the Rooms icon. On the Rooms page, click on the plus sign Image:Iadd.png and the form will appear. Complete the form to add a room.

Provide the room with a name, such as "Briefing Room 1" or "Bar"

Provide a fuller Description if desired.

Use the Sort Order field to sequence the rooms. For example a sequence of Briefing rooms might all be labelled A (whereafter they would sort themselves alphanumerically by Name). Exam rooms which are used less frequently might be labelled B so as to place them after the Briefing rooms in any list.

If the Room should appear on the booking sheet, set Yes in the Display field.

Rooms appear at the bottom of the booking sheet. Any facility which can be booked, but is not an aircraft, could in theory appear here.

Editing a Room

Once a Room has been created, it will become a line item on a table of Rooms on this page. The left-most column of the table contains an edit icon Image:Iedit.png. To edit the room, click on this icon. The Room can now be edited and any of the information updated.

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