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The Red Tag concept prevents a pilot from making use of the facilities if certain basic conditions are not met. The checks are listed and can be cleared on the "Red Tag" page.

This pilot must complete the Green Tag process


Performing a Green Tag Check

Member Details

Your Details

Many of the checks are based on personal details, such as for example the type of license held and the date on which it expires. The first section of the page provides a link to the My Details page where this information can be updated.


Undread NOTAMs

The next section of the page lists all of the current NOTAMs. These have three statuses, denoted by the icons on the left.

  • an open book denotes a NOTAM that has already been read by this pilot
  • a closed book denotes a NOTAM that has not yet been read
  • a closed book with an "alert" triangle indicates a NOTAM that has been updated or change since the last time this pilot read it

To read any NOTAM click on the icon on the left. Once you have read the content, click on the tick box at the bottom of the NOTAM window and then on "Submit". This marks the NOTAM as read and returns you to the Red Tag page.

Pass / Fail Summary

Summary and Additional Questions

The final section of the page lists checks that have been done together with their outcomes. Some checks result in a restriction - for example where no license exists you can be green-flagged with the restriction: "You may only fly with an instructor". Some checks will result in a FAIL in which case the pilot cannot be Green Flagged until the problem is resolved - for example where your account balance falls below the threshold set by the club / school you will be prevented from green tagging yourself until you have topped up your account.

Additional Questions

Once a pilot has read all the NOTAMs and met all of the checklist items, then those items that rely on a personal undertaking from the pilot are dealt with. Read each question and if you have met the condition, tick the checkbox. Once you have ticked all the boxes, click on "Set Green Flag" and you will be able to proceed with your flight.

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