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Member Details Form

Once an individual has been captured onto the Book-a-Flight system, and provided with a username and password, he will be able to maintain certain personal information. Depending on the administration policy of the club/school certain information will already be completed when the user first accesses the page.

Personal Details

The format of the form is simple, and the fields clearly described. Contact information should be kept up to date for ease of communication. Notams, invoices, newsletters all rely on this information being accurate. Naturally this is as important for next of kin information.

The "weight" field is used for the mass calculation which Book-a-Flight provides, and should be used by the pilot as part of the full mass and balance calculation for each flight.

License Details

The individual can mainain their own license details if they wish. A student should be assisted and should choose "Ab Initio" for "License Type. This should be updated as soon as a Student Pilot's License is obtained.

If the pilot is permitted by the system to update his own license and medical details, it should be taken into account that this will likely need to be verified before Green Tagging can take place. In other words, it should be updated timeously.

Club Details

Someone who is able to update his own details but does not work for the organization which runs the Book-a-Flight system, will be able to review but not alter the details in the "Club Details" section.

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