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All of the information associated with your bookings is retained by the Book-a-Flight system. It provides a summary of all forthcoming activity, as well as a detailed history.


Categories of Information

Personal Booking

For an ordinary member, the system records:

  • Personal Bookings
  • Flights During the Current Month
  • Instruction Received During the Current Month

For instructors there are additional sections for:

  • Instructor Bookings
  • Instruction Given During the Current Month

Other than for Bookings which are only available in the future, these sections also offer links to previous activity, by month.

My Personal Bookings

The list of personal bookings follows the same format as the list of Instructor bookings. Critical information is summarised in tabular form. To the left of each entry is a reference number, which links to the booking form and the booking sheet for the appropriate day. Any of the functions that can normally be performed on a booking can be performed after following this link.

Flights During MMM yyyy

The list of past flights is sorted by month. Previous months are listed to the right of the current one. Each month is presented in tabular form, as a summary. Each flight has a reference number. If the reference is clicked on, full details of the flight are presented. This covers all the information gathered for the Authorization Sheet and the Invoice.

Instruction Given / Received

The same format and functionality applies to Instructional flights. 13:14, 10 May 2008 (SAST)

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