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Each Instructor can schedule his own availability using the standard booking sheet. On a normal blank booking sheet, a slot in which a particular instructor is available will show as a green tick on a green background. A slot in which he is unavailable will show as a red no-entry sign on a beige background. Each block can be individually clicked on either the tick or the no-entry sign. The click will toggle the status from available to unavailable and back.

Creating an Availablility Pattern

To maintain availability in this way would be very time consuming. The Instructor Availability page allows each Instructor to set up a template of his "standard" week which will then propagate automatically into the future.

To enter the page, select the Instructor Availability icon Image:Iavailability.png. The page shows seven days, divided into one hour slots spanning midnight to midnight. A block can be marked n/a or Not Available by clicking on the underscore in the centre of it.

One the pattern is set, the template is read each night at midnight, and the day 28 days from the present date is set according to the matching weekdate in the template. This keeps his availability up to date for a rolling four weeks into the future. If there are seasonal changes in an instructor's schedule, he needs to set these four weeks ahead of when they should take effect.

In the case of a new Instructor or a newly installed Book-a-Flight system, availability for the first four weeks needs to be set manually on the standard booking sheet.

Similarly any unforeseen or non-standard changes or leave would need to be entered into the booking sheet manually. 21:01, 1 June 2008 (SAST)

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