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Maintain Invoice Items

This secetion allows you to add entries to the list of items that can be added to an invoice. On completion of a flight, when a pilot is filling in the flight folio in preparation for generating the invoice, the pilot will be able to add any number of the items on this list to the flight invoice.

This is used for such things as "Night flying levy", "Special landing fees", "Hire of headsets" etc.

For each item you will need to specify the item description, the pastel accounting code for the item and the unit cost of the item.

Maintain Aircraft Prices and Account Codes

Every aircraft in the system needs to have a pastel code and a price for each of the membership types created in the above section. So, for example, “students flying ZS-KBK” would have a certain pastel code, and would pay price X per hour, while a “hire and fly flying ZS-KBK” would have a different pastel code and would pay a price of Y per hour.

You can thus have different prices for the same aircraft, for different groups of pilots, and each combination of aircraft and group would have a unique pastel code.

Maintain Instruction Prices and Account Codes

There also needs to be a unique pastel code (and a price) loaded for each instructor, for each type of instruction that can be given. So, for example Alan Shepard, for Dual instruction has a certain pastel code and price, while Chuck Yeager has a different pastel code and (perhaps different) price for this same type of instruction. Alan Shepard has a different code for Solo instruction.

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