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This page would be edited by Administrative staff and Instructors only. It comprises a list of available Instructors. Below that is a link labelled "Course Management" which allows for a sequence of bookings when a course or ground school is run.


Add an Instructor

An Instructor can be added into the Book-a-Flight system by clicking on the Instructor icon Image:iinstructors.png and then clicking the plus icon Image:Iadd.png.

Instructor Details

The first part of the form which appears when the plus icon is clicked, needs to be completed. The fields are as follows:

  • Member
To be created as an Instructor, there would already need to be a Member entry for the particular individual. This field allows the Instructor's name to be selected from the Member database
  • Description
This can contain whatever information is deemed pertinent. It may be the Instructor's Grade, or it may contain other information - such as "CFI" if appropriate
  • Pastel Code
This field contains the accounting code for the Instructor
  • Grade
The Instructor grade is recorded here
  • Sort Order
Entries are sorted according to the contents of this field. It can be used to list the CFI first, to group full time and part time instructors together, and so forth.
  • Display
This entry determines whether or not the Instructor appears on the booking sheet. Instructors appear on the sheet grouped below the aircraft.

Edit an Instructor

On the left of each item in the Instructor list is an edit icon. Click on the edit icon Image:Iedit.png to edit any of the fields described above.


When viewing the list of Instructors, there is an Activity icon Image:Iactivity.png after the Edit icon. Since all flights are recorded, a full log is compiled and can be viewed here.

Instructor Availability

The third icon next to each Instructor name provides a further link to the Instructor Availability pageImage:Iavailability.png. Availability can be edited by the Instructor, or on his behalf by an Administrator.

The booking system has a certain number of pages in the future, on which a person can make bookings. This is generally set to 28 days, but is controlled by the system configuration for a specific installation. In essence, the instructor availability template is used when a new page is added to the booking sheet each night. In other words, tonight a page will be added for 28 days time. Instructors will be marked available / unavailable on this new page based on their template settings for the day of the week in question.

This template, however, is only used when adding new pages to the booking sheet. Changes to the template do not affect the existing pages in the booking sheet. In other words, if today (say, a Monday) you change you template, and block out a set of slots on "Tuesdays" there will be no change to your booking sheet for tomorrow, as that page was already part of the booking sheet, and pilots may have made bookings for you in affected slots tomorrow. The changes you make to the template today are only used to block out the slots in pages as they are added to the booking sheet in 28 days time.

The bottom part of the instructor availability screen has a section headed "Update Availability By Date Range". In this section you can mark yourself available / unavailable for a specific date range, and this section affects the existing pages in the booking sheet. For this part, if you indicate that you are unavailable for a certain time window the system will check to see if any pilots have bookings with you in this window before marking you unavailable. If there are any bookings you will get a warning message indicating that you can not make yourself unavailable in this time window until you have canceled these bookings or moved the booking onto another instructor. 21:24, 1 June 2008 (SAST)

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