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The events page allows for the updating of the Message of the Day, and for the detailing of any events. The page is accessed via the Events icon Image:Ievents.png

The page comprises a "New Events" link and a list of events that have already been created.

Add a New Event

An event comprises quite simply a date and a description.

  • Date
Enter the date in the format YYYYMMDD. It will thereafter display as "Day, Date Month Year" or "Tuesday, 1 January 2008"
  • Description
The description should be kept brief

The description appears after the date at the top of the booking sheet. So "Bookings For Tuesday, 1 January 2008" becomes "Bookings For Tuesday, 1 January 2008: New Years Day" or "Bookings For Tuesday, 1 January 2008: Annual New Years Rally"

Edit an Event

Each existing event can be edited by clicking on the date, or deleted using the delete icon Image:Idelete.png.

Ideally, in the case of public holidays or annual events, the date should be updated immediately after the event to reflect the next year. This will cause the event to appear correctly next year. A policy of deleting past events that do not recur will keep the list of events neat and manageable.

Message of the Day

At the top of the Booking Sheet is a Message of the Day. If not edited, the message is selected from a database of witty or wise aviation sayings. The intention here is to generate interest and make it second nature for the user of the system to check this line each time he connects. In this way important messages can be put in this slot, with a high degree of likelihood that the users will notice them.

In the Events page, there is an option to change the current Message of the Day. In this way critical information can be imparted, such as "Fuel unavailable tomorrow - ensure aircraft are refuelled at the end of the day" or similar. To update the Message of the day, click on it and type in the new message.

In order to revert to the standard selection of messages, click on Message of the Day again and completely delete the Description. 21:47, 1 June 2008 (SAST)

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