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The Club NOTAM page is precisely what the name describes it as.

It contains a number of safety and information notifications which are required reading for anyone planning a flight in a Club aircraft. Authorised users, such as the CFI, are able to generate NOTAMs on this page, and remove those which no longer apply.

When completing the requirements of the Red Tag System pilots will see a list of current NOTAMs at the bottom of the page, and an indication of which they have read.

Navigate to the page using the NOTAM button at the top of the screen.

Creating a Club NOTAM

At the top of the page is a green circle containing a plus sign. Click on this.

In the first line replace the text "NOTAM Title" with the title for your NOTAM. Make sure it is clear and meaningful.

On the next row, replace the text "Please type content here" with the bulletin that pilots are required to read.

Click on the "Submit" button to upload your new NOTAM.

Editing a Club NOTAM

Find the NOTAM you wish to edit on the list. Click on the "open book" icon next to it. You can now edit either the title or the text of the NOTAM.

Once you have completed your changes, click the "Submit" button to upload the changed NOTAM.

Please note that changing a NOTAM will require all pilots to re-read it when next Green Tagging themselves. Use this option to edit meaningful content, or to emphasise a NOTAM that is particularly important.

Deleting a NOTAM

Once a NOTAM has run its course, or been replaced, it should be deleted to prevent new members being required to read about an outdated procedure. To delete a NOTAM, simply click on the "no entry" sign next to it's name.

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