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The audit trail allows for a search through past bookings. This can be useful for example if a flight is cancelled, and a determination needs to be made if it should be charged. The person making the booking and cancellation, as well as the times associated with them, are listed.

Booking Search

When a booking is made, a unique number is allocated to it. This appears on the booking sheet, on the second line of each booking before the booking description.

If this number is known, it can be entered at the field "Booking Reference". Clicking "Booking Search" will then find the booking and all information associated with it.

Slot Search

The Slot Search will return all bookings for a given timeslot or day. In order to perform a Slot search, fill in the date in the first of the two fields, in the format YYMMDD or 080101 for 1 January 2008. In the second field, fill in the hour in the format HH (so 14 for 2pm, local time).

Click Slot Search, and the results will be returned.

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