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This page would be edited by Administrative staff and Instructors only. It comprises a list of available aircraft. Below that is a link labelled "Manage Types" which contains a list of all the aircraft types in the fleet.


Add an Aircraft

Aircraft can be added into the Book-a-Flight system by clicking on the aircraft icon Image:iaircraft.png and then clicking the plus icon Image:Iadd.png.

The system attempts to include all of the most critical information regarding each aircraft.

Aircraft Details

The first part of the form which appears when the plus icon is clicked, needs to be completed. The fields are as follows:

  • Registration
This field contains the registration of the aircraft, for example ZS-YLR for the aircraft in our example (based on Old Yeller, the P51 Mustang made famous by Bob Hoover)
  • Name
The aircraft name might well be the same as the registration, or it could differ. The name is the main field that displays on the booking sheet.
  • Comments
Any comment entered here will display in bold red font on the bookingsheet. Use this field to alert pilots to specific information about the aircraft.
  • Type
There is a separately maintained type list to ensure all aircraft are correctly sorted into the appropriate type. This field therefore offers a drop-down list. To add or edit types please see Aircraft Types
  • Bill on Tacho?
Indicate "yes" to bill on Tacho, indicate "no" to bill on Hobbs
  • Normal Rate
This would be the standard rate at which the aircraft is hired out. In the case of a club, this might be a special rate specifically for club members.
  • Temp Rate
Often used to set a more expensive rate for non-members
  • Intro Flight
This is a flat rate specifically for Intro flights, and is often set at the cost of one hour
  • Next MPI Date
The date of the next MPI
  • Next MPI Hours
The hours at which the MPI is due
  • MPI On
Indicate if MPI is due on Tacho or Hobbs
  • Next Overhaul Hours
Indicate when the next overhaul is due
  • COA expires on
Date that the COA expires
  • Radio Station Licence expires on
Date that the radio station license expires
  • Insurance expires on
Date that the Insurance expires
  • Mass & Balance expires on
Date that the 5 year Mass and Balance expires
  • Compass Swing expires on
Date that the compass swing certification expires
  • Seats
The number of available seats in the aircraft
  • BEM
The basic empty mass of the aircraft in pounds. This is used for the mass and balance calculation during flight authorisation
  • BEM arm
The arm (in inches) of the BEM. This is used for the mass and balance calculation during flight authorisation
  • MAUW
The max all up weight of the aircraft in pounds. This is used for the mass and balance calculation during flight authorisation
  • Fuel Capacity
Total fuel capacity in gallons
  • Fuel Consumption
Average Fuel consumption in gallons per hour
  • Has Tacho
Indicate if the aircraft has a tachometer.
  • Sort Order
An alphanumeric sort uses this field to determine the sequence in which the aircraft will appear in any list. So for example this might be used to group 2-seaters together, ahead of 4 or 6 seaters.
  • Display
The setting in this field governs whether or not the aircraft will appear on the booking sheet.
  • Booking Group
This defaults to zero, which indicates no group. You can allocate several aircraft the same group number, and then within that group you can allocate each aircraft a booking priority. The system can then move bookings up automatically, to higher priority aircraft within the group. This ability has to be enabled by the Book A Flight technicians. Please contact us if you wish to have booking migration enabled.
  • Booking priority
See explanation above, under Booking Group.

The second part of the form shows some calculations arrived at using the information gathered on the form. This is by no means intended to replace a detailed mass and balance.

Edit an Aircraft

On the left of each item in the aircraft list is an edit icon. Click on the edit icon Image:Iedit.png to edit any of the fields described above.

Maintain Types

Details about the maintenance of types can be found on the Aircraft Types page.


When viewing the list of aircraft, there is a Folio icon Image:Ifolio.png after the Edit icon. Since all flights are recorded, a full log is compiled and can be viewed here.

Flights are listed for one month at a time. The default is to show flights for the current month. A link exists to the previous month. If the previous month is selected, flights for that month will be listed. A link will then exist for the month prior to that, as well as one to take the user back to the current month. As one moves back in time, there will be links for the month before and after the month being viewed.

Edit Folio Entries

An entry in a flight folio may be edited Image:Iedit.png or deleted Image:Idelete.png. If a Flight Folio has been completed incorrectly by a student or pilot, this is where corrections can be made.

Book Aircraft Maintenance

The third icon next to each aircraft name is the maintenance icon Image:Imaintenance.png. This is selected in order to schedule maintenance for the aircraft.

A description of the maintenance to be carried out is filled in. The next two fields are a date and a time field. These should be set to the anticipated start of the planned maintenance. For unplanned maintenance the present date and time should be set.

In the next two fields - also a date and a time field - the anticipated end date and time for the maintenance should be entered.

Once this form has been completed, the aircraft is "booked" for maintenance on the booking sheet. It will override any other booked utilization for the selected time period. Bookings which were already in place against the aircraft which needs to be maintained will be highlighted in yellow and will need to be cancelled or rescheduled.

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