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The Booking Sheet

The booking sheet is modeled on a basic paper booking form, with time slots horizontally across the page and resources (aircraft, instructors, venues) down the left. Making a booking is as simple as selecting a time slot, a machine and/or an instructor and/or a venue. Instructor bookings may be solo or dual. Depending on the client's requirements, students can be limited to only those machines or those instructors that they are authorised to book.

The booking sheet contains several other helpful details in easy to read formats. These include sunrise and sunset times for the location of the airfield, current weather feeds from the SA weather service, MPI status information for each machine, time slot availibility for the various instructors and much more.

Depending on the client's requirements bookings can be moved from one machine to another of the same type. This allows clients to ensure maximum utilisation of owned infrastructure, with only surplus demand being carried by rented machines.

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