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We are in the process of bulding up a library of demonstration and training videos to help you assess the booking system. We have had some teething trouble getting good quality images in small enough file sizes to make it easy for viewing. In some of the films, the lines that demarcate the slots of the booking sheet have been dropped by the video compression software. Sorry about this. We will re-record these once we have worked out how to get better image quality wihtout sacrificing small file sizes...

Booking Sheet Overview

This video gives an overview of the booking sheet, and includes a tutorial on how to make and edit bookings

Green Tag, and Flight Authorisation

Before a pilot can go and fly, they have to green-tag themselves, and then complete the flight authorisation process. This video covers these aspects of the booking system.

Signing the aircraft back

After a flight, the pilot has to fill in the flight folio details, from which the system generates an invoice. This video covers signing the aircraft back after a flight.

Administration Functions

This video covers some of the main admin functions that are not available to normal pilots and instructors. These include maintenance of pilot and aircraft master records, as well as key overview processes.

Adding Aircraft - Type Details

Adding a new aircraft begins with setting up the aircraft type. This defines the key mass and balance envelope details for all aircraft of this thype. This video covers defining the mass and balance envelope for a Robinson 22 helicopter, including both longitudinal and lateral arms and envelopes.

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