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Welcome to the WIKI for the Book-a-Flight System. The System is designed to be viewed using a standard browser. Each of the main pages in the system is listed below. To the right are listed the types of users who can access each page.

Online Documentation

Booking Sheet Image:ibookingsheet.png Visitors, Members, Administrators
Red Tag System Image:iredtag.png Members, Administrators
My Bookings Image:imybookings.png Members, Administrators
My Details Image:iedit.png Members, Administrators
My Availibility Image:iavailability.png Members, Administrators
Members Image:imembers.png Administrators
Rooms Image:iroom.png Administrators
Aircraft Types Image:iaircraft.png Administrators
Aircraft Image:iaircraft.png Administrators
Instructors Image:iinstructors.png Administrators
Events Image:ievents.png Administrators
Audit Trail Image:iaudit.png Administrators
Club NOTAM Image:inotam.png Administrators
Flights Image:iflights.png Members, Administrators
Safety Meetings Administrators
Lists Administrators
Security Groups Administrators
Invoice Items Administrators
Siteconfig Administrators
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